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Falling In Reverse turned 2 today!

You want new Falling In Reverse Music?
Find out below how you can hear 3 new Falling In Reverse Songs!

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Falling In Reverse has been added to Warped Tour’s lineup. Check out the dates they’ll be appearing on below.
June 15 - Seattle, WAJune 16 - Portland, ORJune 19 - Chula Vista, CAJune 20 - Pomona, CAJune 21 - Pomona, CAJune 22 - Mountain View, CAJune 23 - Ventura, CAJune 26 - Las Cruces, NMJune 27 - Mesa, AZJune 28 - Las Vegas, NVJune 29 - Salt Lake City, UTJune 30 - Denver, CO
Deltitnu.: It's really fucken simple...


Let me break this down ‘cause it’s real fucken simple guys

Dear Angry Band Kicked Off The Tour: Instead of complaining maybe you should work on making music that’ll hold up headlining a tour of your own. Then, no one can kick you off and you won’t have to cry so much. I’m sure when that…

Two words: Ronnie. Radke.